Google Implements New Sitelinks With Descriptions

I discovered yesterday that Google has implemented a much more enhanced and updated sitelinks display. Previously a site that was awarded sitelinks can have up to 8 sub links that will display below the main link on SERPs. We have all seen exactly what those look like over the years.

A chain with an oustanding golden link – rendered in 3d

As of yesterday (08-15-2011), I have found that Google is now displaying sitelinks that include descriptions and are spaced out much wider, giving them a VERY prominent display on SERPs.

As if that isn’t enough some sites now have 12 Sitelinks instead of 8! Google has really stepped up their investment in returning results for specific site they find authoritative.

Below is an example of our sister site’s new Sitelinks!

(click to enlarge)…

Now take a look at a new result showing the 12 sitelinkes… I’ve also pointed out another change in that the “are you feeling lucky” button has been removed and now a link appears next to the suggestions asking if you feel lucky. Look at the 12 Sitelinks and the new position of  ”do I feel lucky” below:

(click to enlarge)…

These are some interesting unannounced changes from Google. Check out  Google official help topic about sitelinksto get some info about them if you have never heard of them.

In my experience Sitelinks are gained through a combination of inner linking, page architecture, and off page linking. By clearly telling Google what your most important pages are through on and off page SEO Optimization, you have a better chance of being awarded Sitelinks for your site too. Obviously these Sitelinks will do wonders for your credibility and click through in the search engines!

Have you seen your own Sitelinks showing up like this? What do you think of the new Sitelink display by Google? Tell us we want to hear your opinions!