The Top 5 Online Resources for Microdata Markup Implementation Help

ou have finally come around to using Microdata Markup for your site. The next issue is where to get the information you would need to implement it.

There are many competent websites out there trying to dish out something new every so often for free and some who like to tease you with their knowledge and offer it in full to you for a price. Free information is where you want to go mainly because any following update on Microdata will consequently be free of charge as well.

Here are the top 5 resources online, in no particular order, which can help you with your Microdata Markup implementation:

1.       Google Help

You would need to do a little digging since this is a forum but considering that the questions are quite realistic since they come from average Joes like us, you can expect to get straight-to-the-point answers that are equally realistic and practical. On top of that, you may often stumble upon a piece of very sound piece of advice on top of the markup examples. To go straight to where the juice is, here’s the link:

2.       Google Webmaster Tools Help

Another one from Google, yes, but the reason why this is included in this list is mainly because of the microdata vocabulary available. The vocabularies have been categorized into Reviews, People, Products, Businesses and organizations, Recipes, Events, and Music.  You can get to the page through You will find it near the end of the article. It’s made to be easily assimilated as it gives a short overview, the different vocabs and an example in the end.

3.       Tutorials Point

Very informative as well and they also provide a very comprehensive layout for you to learn everything there is to know about Microdata Markup.


This is quite rich with information. It is virtually everything you need to know about Microdata Markup including vocabularies and examples. Go to and, mind you, it is information overload.

5.       Data vocabulary

This site essentially gives you the Micordata vocabulary for Event, Organization, Person, Product, Review, Review=aggregate, Breadcrumbs, Offer or Offer-aggregate ( However it doesn’t give any examples on how to write into your HTML5. What is provided to compensate for this loss is a link on the first sentence which, when clicked, provides you all you need to know about that particular attribute. Going back, this list can be very useful for those who know how to write the script but need a list of the different vocabulary of Microdata. It would be a good idea to copy and paste each page into a text or Word document with their corresponding label.

In parting, you might want to check this link out as well It doesn’t specifically mention Microdata but it deals exclusively with HTML 5. It is a monster list of vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML.

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